Our pigs spend their days outside in the sun, rain, wind, and mud. We believe that raising healthy animals outdoors gives you the healthiest, tastiest meat.

Our pigs graze on a pasture of grasses and legumes, and eat organically-raised grains, some of them grown right here on our farm. We raise pigs that are mixed breeds and color. In our opinion they do better on pasture and taste better than their conventional counterparts...the modern pig has had all the fat marbling bred out to create “the other white meat,” and we think the taste suffers as a result.

We sell pork by the half hog: you buy the pig from us, we take it to the butcher for you, and you pick it up from the butcher and pay them for their services. You decide exactly how you want your pig butchered: what size hams? what type of sausages? what thickness of bacon and pork chops? etc.

Our pork costs $4.00 per pound of hanging weight paid to us, plus the processing cost which you pay directly to Odenthal Meats. “Hanging weight” is the weight of the animal hanging in the meat locker, which is slightly higher than the finished weight after excess fat/bones are trimmed off. Our hogs vary in size, but an average half hog might have a hanging weight of 75-90 lbs.

Pork will be sold on a first-come first-serve basis once the CSA season begins.